Psychology Resources

Psychology Resources If you are looking for some summer reading or watching, are considering applying to study Psychology at university, or simply want to get ahead for the next term, below you will find a wealth of informative and interesting resources in psychology. I have shared links to engaging books, documentaries and websites, as well as famous psychologists to follow … Read More

Epigenetics & Nurture

Epigenetics is the study of any heritable changes in gene expression (i.e. which genes are active vs inactive) that do not involve changes in the underlying DNA sequence – a change in phenotype but not genotype. These changes in gene expression can be passed onto daughter cells, although the is growing evidence that these changes can be reversed. The term ‘epigenetics’ was coined by … Read More

Your Brain is Plastic!

The ability to adapt to a new and changing environments is an essential skill for survival. It is therefore important for the brain to be able to learn throughout a person’s lifetime, which is achieves through brain plasticity. The term ‘brain plasticity’ refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and change at any age as the result of experience – … Read More

The ‘Warrior’ Gene

The MAOA gene Is the single MAOA gene really responsible for violence or has it been over-hyped by the media? If you have seen the following documentary you may be aware of the potential of the role it plays (If you have not seen ‘Are You Good or Evil’ yet, it is a fantastic watch): However, the uncomfortable fact is that the … Read More

2-Minute Neuroscience

There is a fantastic YouTube channel called 2-minute neuroscience, where topics such as neurons, synaptic transmission and the limbic system are explained concisely using whiteboard drawings. The full playlist is below.