My aim for this website is to create engaging and interactive content for A-Level Psychology students.

Welcome to PsychologyHacked. My vision is to pull together all of the fascinating psychology resources available across the web and have them in one place, easily searchable by A Level topic; whether video clips, animations or accessible journal articles. Pages will often have a ‘Go Further’ section, which will contain resources to stretch beyond the basic course content. These resources are perfect for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, whether striving for a top grade, looking to study the subject at university, or out of genuine interest. I assume that anyone studying the subject is doing so because they find it intrinsically fascinating!

My plan is to add content to topic areas for psychology suitable for all exam boards, starting with AQA. If you have any ideas for this website, useful information, or suggestions then please drop me a message using the contact form below. Similarly, if you spot any mistakes on the site then do let me know, as I am a one-man-band, but want everything to be spot-on. I always reply to emails (if they don’t disappear into my spam box!)

I am currently an A Level Psychology Examiner for AQA, Edexcel and CIE.

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