• Intro to Psychology

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    This course is an¬†introduction to the main approaches and research methods in psychology. Each lesson consists of one or more short videos and, usually, a short introduction to the topic area. To make the most of each lesson you will need to take notes. At the end of each lesson, click on the blue ‘view lesson quiz’ button and score ... Read More

  • AQA Research Methods (AS)

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    This is a Research Methods course for AQA AS Level students. It includes all content for AQA AS Psychology except implications of research on the economy (no set content for this) and the sign test, but you can find info on these on individually on this site soon.

  • Biopsychology (AQA)

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    An introduction to AQA Biopsychology, including both AS and A2 topics, such as ways of measuring the brain and biological rhythms.