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Crispy Pata of Bangihan ni Kuya

Crispy Pata | Bangihan ni Kuya

Deep-fried pork leg or trotters with a crispy outside and succulent inside.

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✨You can’t miss this when you’re passing by the Candelaria as you may pass by their windmill signage along the by pass road and is most likely to have its parking full of vehicles. 

✨ It’s no wonder why people crowd this place, and of the many times we’ve been here I believe that their Crispy Pata is truly consistent in its quality and taste.

The Verdict:

verdict for crispy pata

Lasang Sulit at Super Uber Uulit

Worth it and worth a lot of repeats.

Parking Availability and Tips:

Other Details:

Address :

Candelaria by pass road Barangay Masin Sur Candelaria Quezon, 4323 Quezon Province

+63 42 585 8000

Bangihan ni Kuya Signage
Crispy Pata from Bangihan ni Kuya

Branches and details:

? +63 42 585 8000

? 09475717952

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Bangihan ni Kuya and do not get any form of compensation for this feature.

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